Hi there, kind human!

We are three little cats named Keanu, Minho and Bowie! We were all rescued from trash can and the streets. We have this website because we know you can’t get enough of us and so we can help our fellow unfortunate felines from being abandoned and astray. Half of the net profit go towards helping stray cats or cat shelters*.

As of the moment, our feline friends are being supported by my hoomans’ and two of our hooman neighbors’ own hard earned money! Our neighbors have fixed 6 cats and spent approximately $150-180 for every spayed or neutered cats. We are in the process of helping them find low cost or free ones. They also provide food anf some sort of shelter for these cats costing hundreds of dollars per month. They need help so we made this project and we hope you can be part of its success!

Please supPAWt us!

Thank meow! (=^ ◡ ^=)

Mission and 20-20 Vision

Well, we are just starting, so aside from the overall operation and maintenance of this website, we told our hoomans to do the following (your help is needed!):

1) Create a happy cat environment in our neighborhood.

Our feline friends are astray yet we want them to be happy and know that hoomans are there for them. We want to buy cat essentials for our friends which will help our neighbors’ burden of having “stray cats” such as cat food, beddings or boxes, cat litter and boxes, cat deterrents to prevent them from pooping and peeing on our neighbor’s lawn and roof. If anyone can donate these necessities, it is greatly appreciated!

2) TNR our feline friends! Or house them in a big catio if possible.

3) Find NO-KILL shelters, rescues , fosters or forever home for our friends. If you can help, please reach out to our hoomans.

4) Start a Go Fund Me project if possible. (Done: link here – > https://gofund.me/8b3f1557)

5) Donate to and help NO-KILL shelters or individuals/family who will accept our friends.

6) Get more people involved. Register as a non-profit organization.

Lastly, we start small but this is what we are hoping for:


Eliminate cat homelessness where shelters are no longer needed.

Help Us

There are so many ways that you can help and make this project a success! Please click this link or above to know more!

*As the shop is small and rely on the funds of the owner (and neighbors), half of the net profit go towards helping stray cats or cat shelters and half go back towards the expenses already incurred by the owner which is of very significant amount relative to the financial capacity of the owner.