Adoption or Foster Info

We have a lot of cats and kittens for adoption or foster.

We will provide as much resources as we can to fosters as funds are coming from own pocket. If fosters can shoulder on their own, that would be appreciated. Donations in kind or money is accepted.

We are in the process of doing TNR on the cats, getting them fostered, vaccinated, etc. For adoption, we need rehoming fee. Two things can happen:

1) the cat may be as is – not vaccinated, flea treated, etc, so rehoming fee will be used to care for the cat.

2) if the cat is vaccinated, care given, usually for fostered cats, we will charge a rehoming fee as well to cover expenses incurred.

Rehoming fee is to make sure that the new owner is serious, capable of getting a pet, and won’t harm the cats. Lastly, rehoming fee will be re-used to help more cats.